Simple and economical green building techniques.

Insulating a Radiant Floor

  • Rigid insulation installed under a radiant heated concrete slab.  In addition, rigid insulation extends up along the interior face of the foundation frost wall, creating a thermal break between the wall and the heated slab.

Insulated Box Header

  • Constructing an insulated box header.  A typical stick-framed header is solid wood, resulting in a large area of wall with a low R-value.  A properly designed insulated header will still perform structurally, while adding considerably to the thermal performance of the wall.

Minimizing Air Infultration

  • Caulking has been applied between the double top wall plates and around the insulated box header. Expansion foam has been applied around the window frame.  These steps help to minimize air infiltration. The wall cavities will be filled with an organic based open-cell spray foam.

Spray Foam Insulation

  • Spray foam insulation installed in every wall cavity.  Foam insulation is typically over-sprayed, then cut down to be flush with the face of the studs.

Heat-Recovery Ventilation System

  • A heat-recovery ventilation system.  In this installation, the HRV withdraws the indoor air from each bathroom (4), ensuring efficient ventilation of the entire house while negating the need for individual bathroom fans.  The HRV runs 24/7, and is completely silent.

Solar Heat Coefficient

  • Windows with a high “Solar Heat Gain Coefficient” installed on the south facing wall.  Note that a slightly lower R-value is an inevitable trade-off.

Heat Manifolds

  • Radiant heat manifolds.  Radiant heat is highly efficient, and one of the most comfortable forms of residential heating.  Radiant heat is also an excellent match with a geothermal system.

Smoke Infiltration

  • A wall and window assembly performing very well during a smoke infiltration test.  The house is depressurized during the test, forcing outdoor air to be drawn in through the structure.  A smoke machine makes the infiltration obvious, when it occurs!
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