Site Work
From concept to completion, your site plays an important role.


  • A detailed site analysis is performed to ensure that all applicable environmental regulations are met, and that impacts to the site caused by construction are minimized.
  • Whether designing a new house or an addition/renovation, careful consideration is paid to the “siting” of the structure, maximizing the property’s natural ability for heating, cooling and day-lighting.
  • We work closely with a number of consultants specializing in environmental management and site restoration, geothermal heating and cooling systems, and solar installations.
  • We have extensive experience with the local permitting process, and will work closely with you to obtain all required state and town permits.
  • Before the first shovel of earth is removed, we will ensure that the proper controls are in place to mitigate any potential damage to the site and surrounding environment.
  • Special consideration is paid to manage the effects of erosion, both during and after construction, through the use of innovative storm-water control and management systems.
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