Alla Pontbriand

Interior Design and Fabrication


Alla Kennedy’s family roots go back to Moscow, Russia. During the 1916 Bolshevik Revolution, her family was forced to flee, and settled along the heart of the old Silk Route in Uzbekistan, where she was later born into an accomplished family of artists, architects and designers. In 2000, Alla got her first chance to travel to the United States, where she visited Cape Cod and quickly fell in love with its natural beauty. In 2003, Alla took the lead in organizing an exhibit of 19’th and 20’th century oriental carpets and textiles from Central Asia. She was responsible for selecting, organizing and cataloging the unique collection of textiles, and fostered communication between the governments of Uzbekistan and the United States, embassies and the hosting museums. Under her direction, the textiles left their home country for the first time, and were on exhibit in Washington, DC, and other foreign countries, including Japan. The following summer, Alla returned to Cape Cod on a visa reserved for people with extraordinary abilities in the arts. She settled in Wellfleet and continued her education in the arts at the Provincetown International Art Institute and at Cape Cod Community College. She studied painting and printmaking, and took intensive color theory classes with Ati Gropius. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries around Cape Cod, including the Harmon Gallery in Wellfleet and the Addison Gallery in Orleans, as well as in juried group exhibitions at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

In 2014 Alla was offered a great opportunity to join the team at Aline Architecture where her diverse background and experience benefit the busy dynamic of a small office.

Alla’s interests include painting, sewing, cooking and gardening, and spending time at the ocean. She is an avid collector of oriental carpets, textiles, and antiques. Alla resides in Wellfleet with her husband and stepdaughter.

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Alla Pontbriand

Interior Design and Fabrication

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