Committed to Green

Aline Architecture is a green architecture and building services firm. We are committed to making buildings and landscapes which are sustainably crafted, serve to protect the fragile environment of Cape Cod, and contribute positively to the greening of the planet.

Our Certifications

Aline Architecture is an Energy Star Partner Builder and an Energy Star Partner Rater. The principal architect is a LEED accredited professional. We have Home Energy Rating System trained staff.

Energy Retrofitting

We are involved with helping clients remodel their homes for deep energy retrofitting and will be offering building diagnostics services as HERS Raters. In addition we can certify buildings and systems for compliance with the more stringent Energy Code requirements.

Maximizing Potential

We can help you ascertain the strategies that make the most sense for your site and project. Some areas of concern when evaluating an approach to green building are: site selection and site management, water usage, energy usage, indoor air quality and building materials.