Head of the River House

This is newly designed house in a beautiful location that was the site of the owners’ vacation home for many generations. The project involved a feasibility study to determine whether the existing home could be remodeled and added on to accommodate the expanding family and year round habitation or whether it was more advantageous to demolish the old house and build new. It was concluded that a new house that embraced the spirit of the original home was the best way to proceed. The new house is a long and linear form that takes full advantage of the view of the river from every part of the house. The building enhances the site, responding to the topography that gently slopes down to the river on the northeast while inviting sunlight in from the south. The style of the architecture, the choice of materials and the orientation of the building maintains Cape Cod charm throughout. The rooms highlight the picturesque views with big windows that invite natural light throughout the day. There are two main floors of living space with an additional habitable basement and separate apartment above a three bay garage. The house is designed for families to gather in the large open-concept areas with additional spaces that are more private. The second floor bedrooms are accessed by way of an open tread staircase that is approached through a double story open and airy gallery space. The outside spaces include beautiful outdoor living areas that capitalize on the view and the close proximity to the waterfront. The garage entrance is tucked away from the main entrance to the house by way of a smaller by-road. The River House is a quintessential Cape Cod waterfront home.

Project Architect

  • Joy A. Cuming

Project Design Team

  • Joy A. Cuming
  • Matt Christiani

Structural Engineering

  • Eric L Larsen

Feasibility Study

  • Joy A. Cuming
  • Trevor Pontbriand


  • George Lambros, GLL Builders Inc


  • Dan Cutrona