No building looks complete until it is integrated with its site.  The placement of a building on a site demands careful consideration of the dynamic variables that give the site its unique qualities: the path of the sun, the prevailing winds, the location of critical vegetation and other natural elements, view potential within and beyond the site, the impact of neighboring buildings, topography, soil conditions and site access.

Aline Architecture is expanding the services offered to our clients to include landscape design and installation.  We have always been sensitive to the creation of outdoor spaces and the integration of the man-made environment with the natural.  We believe that a design project always involves the resolution of the interior and exterior spaces so that there is a seamless interplay between the two.

Development of any kind can have a profoundly negative impact on the sensitive ecosystems of Cape Cod.  We have learned a great deal about designing with nature over the past few decades, but there is always more to learn about maintaining the equilibrium of natural systems when you begin to alter the terrain, the hydrology and the percentage of vegetation.  We are fortunate to have access to environmental consultants with a profound knowledge of the sensitive natural environments of Cape Cod and a comprehensive understanding of the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act.  We are committed to promoting the health and sustainability of all natural systems on any site with which we are involved.