What We Do

Giving form to sustainable living.

Aline Architecture is a Cape Cod based architecture firm which strives to achieve design excellence and green solutions to problems at every scale.  Aline’s approach is multi-disciplinary, offering services in Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Construction, Custom Interiors, Landscape Design, Urban Design, and Building Energy Diagnostics.

Our primary goal at Aline Architecture is to help clients create environments which are inspirational and which enhance every aspect of their lives from the most fundamental daily routines to the most significant celebrations and ceremonies.

Green Design is an important priority.

We strive to educate ourselves continually to be at the cutting edge of technologies and practice, so that our buildings are energy efficient and healthy for the inhabitants … and we strive to minimize any negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.

The process is always collaborative.

We enjoy the process of creating place out of space and designing beautiful and functional objects, landscapes and buildings at all levels of scale. At the center of this process is listening and developing a rich dialogue with our clients.

Our job - - making order out of complexity.

For many people, planning their home or workplace, is deeply stressful – – so many choices, so many options, so many rules and regulations. Our goal is always to make every project a fun process for our clients, with us as your guide and advocate, helping you navigate these tricky waters.

We enjoy working on projects at any scale.

At Aline Architecture, we can be engaged for an entire project, or we can help brainstorm at the very beginning to help clarify thinking, and to begin to articulate spatial and formal desires. We can also be commissioned or consulted with at any time to help you to flesh out design concepts.

Who We Are